About Us

Located in Philadelphia, PA, Wallet Happy Vacations is a dedicated full service Travel Agency specializing in theme vacations for Groups & Families traveling to the Caribbean Islands, South Africa, Southern & Western Europe, Las Vegas and Florida. We also offer cruise vacations.

We are your go to Travel Agency for Family Reunions, Social Group Travel Events, Spa Weekend Getaways, Milestone Birthday Celebrations, Historical Tours, Food & Wine Tours, Ladies/Guys Getaways and Just Because!

In our blog community, we’ll show case destinations that our clients and our selves have visited or are planning to visit. We’ll also share current travel trends, tips, ideas and suggestions for your travel needs and desires! Feel free to comment on our postings but please be respectful. We invite you to join us on Facebook(Wallet Happy Vacations), Twitter (@wallethappy) and Instagram #wallethappyvacations. 

Happy Travels!

Vegas 17
Anitra R. Byers

Travel Professional/Owner

Wallet Happy Vacations

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