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Often, when speaking with clients and customers who inquire about a Caribbean vacation package, the first thing they’ll mention is “we want to have an All-Inclusive vacation”. When asked would they like to include air, the idea of having an All-Inclusive vacation is yet, reiterated and judging by their tone, we can tell that its assumed All-Inclusive means Air Inclusive, too! Below I’ve defined the difference between these two commonly misunderstood vacation values so that you’ll understand what each one means and how you’ll benefit from the option you choose.

All-Inclusive Defined
An All-Inclusive vacation consists of a variety of amenities and perks that the resort is willing to offer guests for a flat rate. At most, having an All-Inclusive vacation in addition to your choose of room category will consist of the following:
Unlimited Food
Unlimited Drinks
Alcoholic Beverages(Some Resorts offer in-room mini bars)
Daily & Nightly Entertainment
Beach Activities
Non-Motorized Water Sports

In luxury resorts like Sandals, Couples and Beaches, Round Trip Ground Transfers are often included with the All-Inclusive features above.

Air Inclusive
The ugly truth about Air-Inclusive packages is that it does NOT constitute by any means your vacation is All-Inclusive. Air Inclusive packages, in a nutshell, simply means that you chose to purchase air when your hotel or other form of lodging was booked. And that you chose to purchase your lodging and air transportation together in effort to save money hence, air inclusive.

In sum, you can purchase an Air-Inclusive package traveling to islands like Jamaica & Dominican Republic without purchasing an All-Inclusive package! And, if you purchase an All-Inclusive package, you can do so without having to purchase an Air Inclusive package!

Further, there is actually no similarities between having an All-Inclusive vacation and an Air Inclusive vacation.

The difference is this: All-Inclusive vacations offer you a choice of select amenities and perks at a flat rate. The main reason most travelers choose All-Inclusive packages is because what’s included would otherwise have to be paid for anyway. Air Inclusive, on the other hand, simply says that you chose air to be added to your travel package.

So the question remains is there a difference between All-Inclusive and Air Inclusive Vacations? You bet it is!