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So, here we are at the end of 2012. It’s about this time of year when you look back to see where did the time go and how did your spend it. One question that may come to mind is did I travel like I wanted to this year? And if not, was the reason due to finances or poor preparation? If you’ve asked yourself these questions, join the crowd! Certainly you are not the only one who knows the lyrics to that song! Thankfully, that can all change in 2013. I’ve shared two simple tips with clients, family and friends even before I joined the travel industry. I invite you to take advantage of these money saving strategies and tips for paying for your vacation in 2013 and beyond.  I have faith in both tips because I have used them time and time again. Remember, flexibility is key to landing the perfect package price.


Before you start to figure out how much of a cash flow you’ll need, first choose a destination. Visit your travel agency for brochures on three different areas you’d like to visit in 2013 and explain your plans to your Travel Professional. Once you’ve made your decision, ask your travel agency to research 3 different dates with quotes.  A key tip here is to be flexible. Believe it or not, in the wonderful world of travel, numbers are everything! They are almost as important as numbers in accounting. That means a week before you want to travel can make a difference between traveling during the time you want in regards to price, availability and crowds.


Ok. So you’ve picked your destination and travel dates and are ready to go! Wooo hoooo! Were going on vacation! But wait, how are we going to pay for this trip? Worry NOT! If your on a budget, the best way to pay for your vacation is to treat it like a temporary monthly bill. Yes, I know. Who wants another bill?!

Here is what I m saying: let’s say you’ve chosen to vacation in Ocho Rios, Jamaica for 7 Days / 6 Nights and the estimated package price is $1,300 per traveler. Once you have finalized the package with your Travel Professional, you will then be told how much is needed to make your reservation and lock in your rate.  Here at Wallet Happy Vacations, most of our Caribbean vacation packages only require a minimum deposit of $150 per person. Once you’ve made your “initial” deposit, divide the total remaining balance by how many pay weeks you have until the trip needs to be paid off. For instance, using Ocho Rios, Jamaica again, the package has been offered to you for $1,300 per person. Since each traveler has already made their deposit of $150 the remaining balance is now $1,150 per person. If the final payment is due in the month of June and you have made your deposit in January and receive bi-weekly paychecks, here is what your payments will look like:

Ocho Rios, Jamaica Travel Package $1,300 per person

Initial Deposit: $150 per person

Remaining balance: $1,150 per person

Bi-weekly paycheck : $1,375 (each employed person)

Pay weeks leading up to final payment due date: 13(bi weekly)

$1,375/13 = $88. So I’ve divided the amount received from a bi weekly paycheck by the total number of weeks until your final payment is due. So each traveler’s biweekly payment will be estimated @ $88 each. See, told you it can happen!

At Wallet Happy Vacations we believe that it is possible to mix budget with quality. We help people create flexible vacation payment plans customized to all financial challenges that may hinder the opportunity to take a vacation. We understand the financial crunch that life can bring because, at some point or another, we, too have been there. Don’t let 2013 leave without seeing the world!


Anitra R. Byers

Travel Professional / Owner

Wallet Happy Vacations