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After being stressed with life’s every day challenges, reaching the decision to take a vacation is, at most, the easiest yes you’ll ever say! After all, who wouldn’t pass up a weekend of pampering filled with spa treatment? Or, 7 whole days on the sunny beaches of the Caribbean Islands just to get away from it all? Even paying for the trip is a breeze with so many travel professionals partnering with destinations and resorts to offer unbeatable value! So you call your trusted travel professional, Wallet Happy Vacations to make arrangements for you and your family then pack and go!

Fast Forward…

What happens after you’ve arrive to your destination and, after 2 days, have already spent more than $150 on just food? Yup! That seems to be the not so new but, new thing these days. Seems like where ever I go people are asking about the true benefit of booking an All-Inclusive vacation versus being surprised by the expense of food and entertainment with choosing not to have an All-Inclusive vacation.

So, the question today is: To be All-Inclusive or NOT to be?!

Before I tell you why I recommend the All-Inclusive option, allow me to provide the meaning of All-Inclusive for those who aren’t sure.

 All-Inclusive is having unlimited access to all of the amenities and food/beverage options you would otherwise have to pay separately for while on vacation. At most, the All-Inclusive resorts include some of the following under the All-Inclusive option to every guest during their stay:

  • Unlimited Meals
  • Unlimited Beverages(inclusive of alcohol)
  • Unlimited Use of in room Mini Bar
  • Unlimited Snacks
  • Unlimited SELECT Resort Non-Motorized Activities
  • Unlimited Resort Activities & Entertainment
  • Roundtrip Ground Transfers upon arrival to your destination
  • Tips & Taxes (Yes! It will include tips as well. But remember to take good care of the servers who took good care of you!)

Although I’ve traveled where the All-Inclusive added value is not offered, both, All-Inclusive and having a food expense have worked out rather well for me and my family. But, I’ll admit, the All-Inclusive vacations were the most fun and beneficial to us! Why? Well, for start, taking a teen anywhere food is, is enough reason to book All-Inclusive! Besides not having to worry about the pricing of each person’s plate, there is also relentless entertainment from sun up to sun down and for all ages!  Remember, one of the concepts of the All-Inclusive option is to give people like you and I a break when it comes to having to pay for things we would paid for separately like food and activities. It’s a good idea to utilize this feature!

 Now, of course, we know the option to go without your family’s vacation being All-Inclusive could amount to as much as your monthly mortgage payment depending on how many your traveling with! Yup! It’s true.

The biggest question I ask my clients when vacation planning is, are you taking the kids? That pretty much sums it up! As a Travel Professional, I recommend that if you are taking children on vacation with you, you want to consider All-Inclusive packages or take a cruise. These options will cover all food & beverage expenses. Except for cruises where carbonated beverages are additional. Plus, with these options also comes unlimited activities and entertainment. The best thing about this is, the fee is paid upfront and incorporated in your package so there are no surprises!  

In sum, there are many options resorts will offer to you and your family to help make your vacation one that is memorable. The last thing you want is for your spending money to go on food for 7 days. Why not take advantage of your vacation and stay with resorts that will take care of you and your family including unlimited meals, beverages, snacks and entertainment? It’s a true money saver indeed!



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