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Real Tips for Saving for Vacation

As a travel professional I often hear how people will put off going on vacation due to financial reasons. In fact, some people won’t take a vacation because they think it’s too expensive. Well, that’s where I come in!

Indeed some vacations, depending on where you are traveling to can put a dent in your wallet. But, if your swift, flexible and willing to sacrifice, you can laugh at the dent while adding some extra cash to your wallet for spending.

Travel is all about being flexible. If you are willing to travel, for instance, from week day to week day, you could possibly save as much as $500 on your vacation depending on where you are traveling to.

Try these tips for your next Disney or Caribbean Vacation

When traveling to Disney World, try to stay from Wednesday to Tuesday(or any week day to week day). Doing so will save you a nice amount of money. Plus, you still get a weekend in the trip and won’t be charged for weekend rates. Another great way to explore Disney World is by staying off of the onsite hotels and resorts.  For instance, rather than staying at Disney All Star Resorts, stay off site in Down Town Disney area, Lake Buena Vista or Kissimmee for more valuable resorts. You can still take advantage of the park hopper passes by doing so. If you stay off site, you could easily save up to $1000, depending on your family size.


Traveling to the Caribbean Islands? Try an All-Inclusive package! These packages are rewarding and you don’t have to worry about food, beverages or even activities. This is a plus for families, especially where the family size is greater than 4 persons. At most, an all inclusive package will always come with hotel accommodations, all food, beverages, all non motorized water sports and activities, tips & taxes. Air can be added but, is not part of the All-Inclusive value that resorts offer. So you don’t have to worry about anything. Even tips are included!

Like many other things, travel too, requires sacrafices. Soooooo, you may have to limit or temporally give up night life, frequent dining out or even the mall and start sending those hard earn bucks to your travel professional for payments on your trip. Easier said than done, but at the end sits the ultimate reward of a much deserved vacation with family or friends.

Anitra Byers

Travel Professional/Owner

Wallet Happy Vacations

The Family & Group Agent